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Adelaide Escorts: The Good Client

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What makes a good client?

As Adelaide escorts go, I’ve been asked that question so many times. I have many ideas of what a good client should be, but the theory is always better than what goes down in reality.

 I met him.

This particular client was unassuming, generic-looking too. In a crowd, you won’t probably notice him. He’s one of those guys who, when you get to look at him, you’ll appreciate his features more.

He’s around 5’11. Give or take one or two inches. He has a perfect nose, pouty lips, and bluish-greyish eyes. His hair is blindingly white – strawberry blonde, that’s what they call it. It suited him. With that shade of hair, he looked really young for his age.

“Hello. I’m R-”.

I hugged him, and then whispered. “I’ll call you whatever you want, baby.”

I wanted to be familiar. Like we were high school friends meeting again for a long time.

Nothing is more awkward than being awkward about impending sex. I learned that a long time ago. So my go-to move was to become touchy-feely. It keeps my client and my nerves’ from going haywire.

“Oh, okay. What do you want for a drink?”

“Why don’t we get out of here?” I said with a fake, plastered smile on my face. I was good at this.

“No. We can do that later. If you don’t mind, I wanted to buy you a drink first.”

Okay, he was really cordial. So we talked. He genuinely was interested in me. He was the perfect gentleman. On the car going to his hotel, he held the door for me.

Upon arriving on his hotel room, he again held the door. Now, boys take notice. There is a fine line between wanting to impress a girl and really being genuinely nice. We can sense it when you’re faking it.

“What do you want to do?” I said as a prelude.

My left hand is already under his shirt, feeling his chest. The other was on his neck, making gentle circles.

“I want to fuck you into the mattress.”

In less than thirty seconds, I was naked under him. His hands are kneading my clit. He was kissing me, tongue and all. It was passionate, and I was trashing myself ungraciously under him.

“I want to make you feel good.” He said.

I like that. I like a man who knows how to pleasure his woman, even if that woman is a hired one.

“I want you to be my little bitch that would do all the things I want to do with her. Is that okay with you?”

That may be degrading to some, but he asked nicely. And his stance told me that even if I said no, he would be okay with it. This was consensual sex, not just a one-sided release.

He was surprisingly not vanilla in bed. This was a man who knows the world. His tongue was a marvel, his dick a miracle. His rhythm is controlled, his orgasm erratic, his tip is generous… both of them.

I may be one of the best Adelaide escorts, but I know a good man and client when I see one.

And he was the prime example.

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