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Erectile dysfunction is one disease many blokes fear because it affects their nether regions and, consequently, their ability to enjoy sex to its fullest. Fortunately, you can lower your risk of having it, but even so, limp erections are something no bloke wants to experience. The sexy vixens at Adelaide Escorts will understand if it happens, but there’s nothing like being able to get hard when you want.

The first thing to remember is that worrying too much about this concern can actually cause it to happen. So how do you make sure your other head performs as well as you want it to? Here are some tips.

1. Ditch tobacco. If you’ve wanted to quit smoking but haven’t done so, this should give you more of an incentive. Smoking affects the amount of oxygen your lungs taken in, and ultimately the amount of oxygen your muscles can absorb. The less oxygen there is, the more tired your muscles – including the ones responsible for your hard-on – will feel.

This means that, once you quit smoking, your lungs will be more efficient, allowing your muscles to absorb more oxygen and therefore giving you stronger erections you can maintain for longer.

2. Talk dirty. This isn’t just for your partner’s benefit, but yours as well. When you visualise what you want to happen, the more aroused you’ll be, and you won’t have to worry about getting it up. To that effect, be as imaginative and descriptive as possible. Talk about any fantasies you may have, and do so in a way that it draws your gorgeous partner into the fantasy with you.

Then you’ll both be raring to go; not only will you have no trouble with your boner, but she’ll be dripping wet when you put it in.

3. Tone down the solo loving. Masturbation can help beat back premature ejaculation, but when you do it too often, actually being with a partner can have some negative effects on your erection.

These aren’t the only tips experts have given, but they’re definitely among the ones that are most effective. So if you need to satisfy your urges but don’t have a committed partner, just browse the gallery at Adelaide Escorts to find the best pleasure professional to help you out.

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