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Adelaide Escorts – The Top Pros and Cons of Getting It On At Work

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If you’ve thought about inviting your partner to work and then finding a time and place there to just go at it, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many blokes have imagined boning their partners at work, but only a handful have actually done it. Your partner doesn’t have to be one of the gorgeous vixens at Adelaide Escorts to help you pull this stunt off, though you could role play the scenario.

Like many things in life, though, sex in the office has its own set of pros and cons. If you’ve considered giving this act a shot, you’ll want to consider these.

Pro: You get that all-important rush. The excitement that comes from having sex in a new place will make it feel awesome, and the adrenaline from the risk of getting caught just compounds the feeling.

Con: You have to be very quiet. One of the satisfying things about sex is you can be as loud as you want to. Doing it in the workplace, though, means you have to turn down the volume so you and your partner aren’t heard. That can ruin the experience for you by making it more awkward.

Pro: It brings you and your partner closer. Making this work takes a lot of effort from the both of you, since they need to get there on time, and then leave later without anyone figuring it out. If you do have sex at work, you’ll grow closer because of how much you had to work together.

Con: You could end up being disappointed. Sometimes, fantasies need to stay fantasies. If sex at work isn’t as great as you imagined it would be, the fantasy is ruined for you. In fact, you could get turned off at the idea, if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Pro: You get to be creative with positions. Creativity is important in keeping your sex life sizzling – and few situations force you to think outside the box as much as workplace sex does.

Con: You could be fired. This act would fall under unprofessional actions, so that means getting caught by your boss, or a colleague who immediately reports you,  may lead to you being fired.

While you’re pondering whether or not to go for it, practice your bedroom moves with the help of one of the courtesans from Adelaide Escorts. Browse the gallery today!

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