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Adelaide Escorts – The Weirdest Sex Injuries That ER Doctors Encountered This Year

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Yes, sex can be fun and thrilling, and that’s true. However, one false move and you or your partner could end up in the emergency room, or in a morgue! According to sex experts, a host of sex-related injuries happen, and they happen for the flimsiest of reasons. Here’s a peek at a few of the weirdest sex injuries that ER doctors encountered this year.

The Pop-Rocks Fiasco

I guess you loved munching on Pop-Rocks candies when you were young, or during your teenage years. Yes, Pop-Rocks are those candies that create a small popping reaction when it dissolves in one’s mouth. But please don’t pop those candies when you’re in the throes of foreplay with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Adelaide Escorts!

Why? Because in Newport Beach, California, a woman bolted into the hospital experiencing extreme discomfort in her groin area after her husband performed oral on her, and suddenly the Pop-Rocks candies he was eating exploded, and immediately caused swelling and irritation in her groin area! The doctors however, irrigated the area, prescribed an antihistamine, and the woman made a full recovery!

A Lady’s Braces Cut Open a Guy’s Dick

In the US, a college freshman came in with penile swelling which, according to his confession, happened after he received oral sex from another freshman woman with braces. The braces had actually cut open his penis, and whatever food, germs and bacteria were trapped in the braces were feeding into his wounds!

Unique” Objects Lodged in the Rectum

In the United Kingdom, a woman went to the ER complaining of having something stuck in her rectum. After a close inspection by doctors, it was noted that a pink softball was lodged inside her rectum, and it was because of a sleazy sex game that she and her boyfriend played earlier!

So, before you do anything weird in bed with your hookup buddy, or with your preferred  Adelaide Escorts, keep these funny, yet seriously risky, ER incidents in mind!

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