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Adelaide Escorts – Three More Reasons Why the Sex May be Painful for Some Ladies

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Sex can be fun and exciting for the most part. But for some people (both men and women) the sex can sometimes feel so painful.  According to health experts, nearly 75% of women feel, at certain points in their life, painful intercourse, for a host of reasons. Thus, we chatted with the experts to get their insights on the conditions and causes that can lead to painful sex (especially for the ladies) and the possible solutions worth trying.

She Might Have a Gastrointestinal Issue

Do any of your hookup buddies, or even your favourite Adelaide Escorts, feel any pain or discomfort during sex? I hope they don’t feel any. But, according to health experts, one reason women feel pain during sex is that they might have a gastrointestinal issue.

One health expert noted that if someone is constipated or has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and she has intercourse, this could be putting pressure on an already irritated part of her body, resulting in pain and discomfort. The good thing is that a doctor can diagnose both conditions and prescribe medications to help.

Her Partner’s Technique is Just All Wrong for Her

Learning to advocate for what feels truly good in bed can be challenging, but it’s incredibly important. To prevent your technique from inadvertently hurting your lady, have your partner touch the same area in two different ways and see which responds to her more favourably. Does she prefer a massage or a stroke? Or a flick, or a tap?

By taking these baby steps, you and your partner can help each other direct their partner into better sex, which helps ensure mutual satisfaction, and help prevent any sex-related pain as well.

She Might Not be Fully Aroused and Lubricated

If your lady is not fully aroused, she may not be fully lubricated, and this could lead to painful sex. So, if your girlfriend, hookup buddy or even your favourite Adelaide Escorts feels turned on, but she feels tight and dry below, perhaps a silicone-based lubricant can be a wonderful fix!

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