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Adelaide Escorts – Top 3 Reasons You Could Fall Out of Love

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It may happen slowly, or all at once. One day, you’re convinced your partner is the one for you, the one you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with. The next, you’re looking through the pages of Adelaide Escorts to find someone to take to an upcoming event because, suddenly, you can’t stand your girl. From being in love with her, to falling out of love – how does it happen, and even better, why?

In the first place, people’s idea of love is built on the first stage of a new relationship – the infatuation stage. This is only part of what love feels like. Unfortunately, as one expert puts it, falling in love is easy, while falling out of love is even easier. It’s going to happen to everyone at some point, so what causes people to fall out of love in the first place?

1. Mistaken identity. Sometimes, you think you’re in love with someone when you’re actually just infatuated with them. This means that once you get to know them better or the infatuation fades away, you’re left wondering what you saw in them, which can be a hard question to answer when you’re no longer sure why you as infatuated as you were.

2. Too much too soon. Love is supposed to be more than the initial physical attraction, and just because it takes less than a minute to figure out whether you like her, it doesn’t mean you can figure out whether you love her or not in the same amount of time. Falling in love takes time, so when it’s rushed, falling out of love won’t be far behind.

This is also why love is as much a question of compatibility as it is attraction. You’ll barely get anywhere in a relationship without compatibility, no matter how attracted you are.

3. Lack of chemistry. Chemistry makes for exciting relationships, and there’s lots of it at the beginning of any relationship. However, as time passes and priorities change, with work and other commitments taking up your time, chemistry takes a backseat and eventually starts to fizzle out.
The good news is, love is a feeling as well as a choice, so you can choose to save your relationship instead of letting it go.

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