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Adelaide Escorts – Top Spots to Use Your Tongue on for Her Arousal

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When a date leads to sex, it can get confusing if you’re not sure what to do to get your partner warmed up and ready. If you’re with one of the gorgeous vixens at Adelaide Escorts, it won’t be that bad since you’re with a skilled courtesan. Not only will you feel relaxed with them, but they’re sure to make any sexy session unforgettable and enjoyable.

That doesn’t mean you can just sit back and do nothing. Here are a few places to use your tongue on to do your part in turning up the heat.

1. Her back. You may be surprised to learn that a lady’s back is a sensitive spot; for some, their backs are more sensitive than the front. Try having your girl lie on her belly, then trail your tongue slowly down her spine. Work your way down and then back up to draw things out.

2. Her neck. Lick a small area on her neck before nibbling gently on that same spot before sucking on it. Or explore her neck – including the back or the nape – to see which spot she likes having sucked or licked.

3. Her mouth. Done well, a kiss can do a lot to arouse a lady. Start out with teasing kisses that become more passionate, then gently lick her lips, trying to get her to open them more. If you do head into French kissing territory, make sure not to flick your tongue in and out of her mouth. You’re not a lizard.

4. Her boobs. The breasts are well-known hot spots, but that doesn’t mean you can go right to the nipples. Start in between her breasts, then work your way up or around. Save the best for last, and she’ll be practically begging you to suck her nipples. Don’t forget to use your hands and fingers to add something more to your sucking and licking.

5. Her cunt. Don’t forget to explore her lower lips, too, experimenting with the flat part of your tongue as well as the tip to find different ways of stimulating her. Listen to her moans and use her body language as a guide, but don’t be afraid to go with the flow, too.

Want to practice these moves but don’t have a committed partner? Browse the pages at Adelaide Escorts – today!

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