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Adelaide Escorts – Two More Tips That the Guys Should Follow to Make Their Orgasms Stronger

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Do you like to further please your lady, while at the same time make your orgasms stronger too? Well, look no further, for her are a couple of sure-fire ways on how guys can take their orgasms to the next level. So, strap in and listen up!

 Stroke Your Sack

If you’d like to make your girlfriend, or the lovely and sizzling Adelaide Escorts, happier and more satisfied in bed, perhaps you could be on your way towards upping your performance levels by  – stroking your sack!

Just before you ejaculate, your testicles rise up near your body to give more power to your ejaculation. According to sex experts, if you gently press upward on the testicles just before ejaculation, it’s very likely to be arousing.

You could also ask your partner to place the palm of her hand upward on you balls, moving them a little closer to your body. This should help heighten your arousal, as well as increase the intensity of your orgasms!

Change Your Diet

Another way for strengthening your orgasms is through changing your diet. Start by consuming more greens like spinach, which helps dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the genitals. Other helpful greens include kale, cabbage and bok choy, which are very good sources of folate, which helps enhance reproductive health.

Also make sure you’re having your regular fill of eggs. Why? Well, eggs are very rich in B vitamins, which help ease stress, and are a healthy component of a healthy libido too, which also means better orgasms.

And yes, don’t forget to have your daily fill of oatmeal too. Remember that oats and whole grains are a few of the best natural ways for boosting testosterone in your bloodstream. And of course, more testosterone also equals stronger orgasms, and more fun for your bedroom buddies, like the hot and sizzling Adelaide Escorts!

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