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Adelaide Escorts – Two Unique Twists to Some of the Most Common Sex Positions

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When it comes to talk about spicing up your sex life, most people would often go to great lengths, like throw out the common sex positions in favour of the more acrobatic ones. However, many sex experts say that there’s actually no need to do that, because if the most common sex positions work for you, then all you need to do are make a few tiny tweaks to help send your pleasure meter to the roof. Here’s a look at a few unique twists or tweaks to some of the most common sex positions.

Doggy Style
Looking to further elevate the pleasure meter every time you hook up with ladies as hot and sexy as the Adelaide Escorts? Well, according to sex educators and therapists, the secret to having more intense, enjoyable sex is in knowing how to angle yourself so that you’re hitting the most sensitive areas, while allowing yourself to really let go and relax!

So, when you enter your partner from behind, it’s a tight fit, but it’s also an ideal angle to hit her G-spot. The beauty of this move is that it leaves your lady’s clit really exposed, so it’s easy to reach around and stimulate her manually. Perhaps the only downside to the Doggy Style is that both partners are more prone to rug burn and sore knees!

Seated Straddle
To take the Seated Straddle up a notch, the first step would be to focus on your breath. As you breathe in, your partner breathes out, and doing this helps your body expand and open, offering more opportunity to achieve orgasm.

Now, why does this work so well in the Seated Straddle position? One sex expert notes that when you’re sitting face to face, you can look into each other’s eyes, and that boosts intimacy. In addition, your chests are free to expand without the natural pressure that happens when lying down.

And, here’s another bonus of tweaking the Seated Straddle – Inhaling deeply during intercourse also increases oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, so it’s more likely that you and your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Adelaide Escorts, are going to hit your highest notes!

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