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Adelaide Escorts – Woozy and Weiner-Dropping Facts About the “Whiskey Dick”

Perhaps you’ve already experienced going out for a drink at night, and you felt good, until you went back to your place, fumbled with your belt bucket, kissed and fondled a girl, and suddenly found out that you just cannot get erect. That’s because you now have a “whiskey dick”! According to health experts, alcohol is a depressant, which decreases the blood flow to the penis. And if your body is trying to get rid of all that booze, then your system will be focusing on that, and not on getting hard.

Whiskey Isn’t the only Culprit

Adelaide Escorts

Adelaide Escorts

Although whiskey dick is definitely something real and depressing, whiskey isn’t the only alcoholic beverage to give you erectile dysfunction!

Apart from whiskey, a single beer can also cause a flaccid penis, even if it has a lower alcohol by volume (ABV) than whiskey. But then again, health experts would rather suggest that you drink beer or a glass of wine, instead of stuff such as rum or whiskey, which contain higher percentages of alcohol by volume!

Years of Drinking Can Hurt in the Long Run
If you’ve been binge-drinking for years already, chances are you could already be at greater risk of suffering from a whiskey dick! Health experts stress that chronic alcoholism not only can permanently impact erections, but it can also change your hormonal balance.

In a 2007 study, it was revealed that chronic and persistent alcohol use led to sexual dysfunction in men, including erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire and premature ejaculation. Long-term alcohol use can even affect fertility and semen quality!

If you accidentally just got drunk, and you suddenly find it hard to get erect, this type of whiskey dick is probably not indicative of a major problem. However, if it happens more frequently (most especially if you’re having a hard time getting erect even without booze) then you should consider talking to a doctor, so that you could still save your boners, and continue to enjoy having fun with the hot and sexy Adelaide Escorts!

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