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Australian Escorts: Letting you Experience Steamy Role Play Scenarios

Role playing is a greatway to explore your sexuality. Many couples around the world enjoy this world of fantasy. If you are looking for something exciting than the usual, then suit up and get into role playing. It might feel uncomfortable and silly at first, but you will find it engaging and erotic after your “play date”.

The good thing about role playing is that you can be creative as you can be in exploring your sexual side. Divulge all your erogenous fantasies with a seductive woman that would be more than willing to fulfill it for you. To give you ideas on your sexy night with Australian escorts, below are some common scenarios for role playing.

  • Student – Teacher relationship. You can play the student-teacher scenario or vice versa.Using sexual favors to a hot teacher to get good grades or simply wanting to be a teacher’spet. Also, costumes for this play is not that hard to find, a simple skirt and button top for ladies and casuals for the student. If you are looking for an uncomplicated scenario, this would be the best.


  • Slave – Master. Among the most common scenarios out there. You can utilize cuffs, blindfolds and even whips. What’s good about this play is that you do not have to think too much about the role. In addition, make sure that you have established limitations when it comes to engaging in this kind of role play and that the both of you are in agreement of using props.


  • Service worker – Housewife. There are lots of possibilities on the roles that you can play when it comes to this scenario. You can be a pizza delivery man finding a naughty dame at home alone. You can choose whomever you want to be a fireman, plumber or the hot cable guy. Basically, creativity is everything that you would need when it comes to role playing.


  • Bar pick up Scenario. For long time couples, this is a way of recreating the spark on their first meeting. You can start by pretending to pick up your partner at a bar. Ideally, it is a great way to start a steamy date with your lady and booking a hotel for a “spontaneous” night with your partner.


  • Artist – Model. You can also associate a photographer-model scenario with this kind of idea. There are two ways in which you can play the roles. One is that the painter is creating a nude painting of the model. The other one is that your partner is the canvas itself and you can start painting her whichever way you want.

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