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Calling Etiquette with Adelaide Escorts

Adelaide escorts are your wonderful companions around the city. You will be assured of pure pleasure and passion whenever you are in their comforting hands. If you ever feel lonely, do not hesitate to give them a call and they will be able to make you feel loved. But not all client calls are accommodated. As a client, you need to be a gentleman on the phone to land that coveted meeting.

It all boils down to attitude whentalking to these ladies on the phone. Follow these tips below to get your chance to be with the girl of your dreams:

  • Read her profile thoroughly. Make sure that you understand everything that is listed in her profile. Everything that you will need from contact information to hourly rates is in it.
  • Nail your appointment on the first call. If you have any questions about her services, you can email or text message her. As much as possible, do not waste her time asking questions that are already available in her advertisement or in her profile.
  • Be straightforward. If you are with her on the phone, stop asking her questions that are irrelevant to making an appointment. Be confident when talking and just be yourself. Avoid stuttering because this can possibly scare of the escort.
  • Avoid being drunk when you are calling an escort. This is one of the most important rule, never drink when you are calling and making an appointment. You would want to be conscious about when and where the meeting is going to take place. Plus, you might say something that is not appropriate so do not embarrass yourself.
  • Give her time to return a call. If ever she missed any of your calls, text messages or emails, give her time to reply or return the call. It might be that she is transacting with a client or doing something important. Give her at least 3 hours to return your call.


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