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Circumcision And Its Perceived Effect On A Man’s Sex Life

Adelaide EscortsA person’s sexual practice often varies with his or her culture, or family upbringing. This case also applies to the age-old practice of circumcision. The act refers to the removal of a simple fold of skin that covers the head (glans or foreskin) of the un-erect penis. While some see it as a cruel practice, others view it as a formal rite of passage to manhood, and many say it’s a nice way to maintain genital hygiene. Here’s a look at how different cultures and societies view circumcision, and its effect on your sex life.

Circumcision “Removes” The Most Sensitive Parts Of The Penis

Does the foreskin of the penis make a difference when it comes to your sex life? A British study says yes, because once the glans is removed, it makes sex less stimulating. Perhaps your wife or favourite Adelaide Escorts wouldn’t mind if your shaft stays circumcised, or not.

According to a study made by the National Organisation of Circumcision Information Resources Centre, and published in the British Journal of Urology, circumcision “removes” five areas of the skin that are most responsive to light touch.

Some critics however, are unimpressed with the study, because they argue that even the best of sex experts don’t know exactly which parts of the penis are more or less sensitive, and many agree that different parts of the body become sensitive in different ways.

Opponents of circumcision also point out that the foreskin contains lots of sensitive nerves. If the foreskin is rolled back and forth, it stimulates the frenulum, which is one of the most sensitive parts of the penis.

An Ugandan Study Says Circumcision Made Sex More Satisfying

A study conducted in the African nation of Uganda, which involved 455 women who had partners that were recently circumcised, has noted that 40% agreed to the notion that circumcision made sex more satisfying afterward. Around 57% reported no change in their sexual satisfaction, while only 3% said that the sex was less satisfying.

The main reasons cited by women for the improved sexual satisfaction included improved hygiene, a longer waiting time for their partner to achieve orgasm, and their partner longing for frequent sex.

But whether you’re circumcised or not, most sex experts stress that you should make the most of what you have, because in either case there are unique paths to sexual pleasure.


And if you think your partners or preferred Adelaide Escorts are going to get freaked out by the presence of the foreskin, talk to them, and let them know that it’s an area that’s truly extra sensitive, and effectively responds to stimulation.


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