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Don’t Be A Victim Of Sacking: Here Are Your Options

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If you think that only women feel pain during sex, think again. Have you heard of penile fractures and other injuries happening in the nether regions? Yes, that and other accidents can make sex painful for men. But, here is another ‘phenomenon’ they call ‘sacking’. Ask any of the erotic Adelaide Escorts if a male client of theirs has ever been a victim of such.

What Is Sacking?

You might have heard of the word in the corporate world when an undesirable employee gets sacked, or fired (against his or her will), right? But, sacking during intercourse is when the ballsack is constantly knocked against your partner’s body.

Of course, it feels wonderful to feel the pleasurable smashing of your testicles against her pubic region especially when you are doing doggy style. For her, orgasm comes quick as soon as her clit is constantly hit during repeated acts of penis insertion while your bollocks are out there swinging happily. However, when the sacking becomes persistent, it causes not only annoyance but, also pain and soreness. Furthermore, the testicles could suffer from blunt trauma when it is subjected to excessive sacking.

And worse, testicular torsion can happen if the testicle is rotated as it swings because there is the danger of twisting of the spermatic cord, the tube that delivers blood to the scrotum. At such case, blood circulation is decreased and the person experiences pain and swelling. Nonetheless, sacking doesn’t happen all the time to most men but, can you ever avoid it?

How To Prevent Sacking

If you have been a victim yourself, you might want to put a stop to the thwacking sound that has become irritating to you. Below are a number of options on how to get away with it.

● Fondling – Fondle your balls yourself or let your partner do it during the coupling.

● Switch position – It will certainly do you good to let your woman stay on top. Spooning and man on top position should keep your bollocks comfortable, too. Forget about doggy for a while to give your balls some rest.

● Consult your doctor – If you notice that your scrotum is somewhat sagging unusually, it’s time to see a professional since sagging balls will only aggravate the situation. If you don’t, you have to contend with more pain that will only cause you more distress and make you uncomfortable.

If you’re still younger and of sound health, your sac should not sag excessively. If it does however, you might be having what’s known as varicocele. A varicocele is just like a varicose vein typically seen on the legs. Around the scrotum, the veins become enlarged.

● Scrotox – If you’re familiar with botox for the face, scrotox is botox for the scrotum. Also referred to as scrotoplasty, the excess skin is removed in order to tighten the sac.

Remember that you can’t go on feeling the pain for longer. See your doctor before your sexual performance is adversely affected. How can you make your partner or the gorgeous Adelaide Escorts you’re dating lately, if pain comes in the way?

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