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Initiating the Pleasures of Anal Sex by Adelaide Escorts

adelaide escorts 4 you      The thing about the new age awareness is that people are now open to different things and sexuality is a huge part of it. Before, not everybody was ecstatic with the presentation of fellatio and cunnilingus. They were considered to be taboo in the sexual context because they seemed too alien. This was before. Now, you eat her up and she gives you a blow job – that’s foreplay. Thus, let us embrace the new contender: anal sex.

There are many negative presumptions and myths when you bring up the subject of anal sex. Men strongly prefer it. Women do not enjoy it. It is virtually impossible. You won’t feel pleasure from it and so much more…

Initiating anal sex can be a bit challenging because not everybody is open to the idea just yet. However, it is very much possible and highly pleasurable. You just have to approach it sensibly.

1. Build a comfortable yet lustful environment

First things first, you have to get your partner in a very horny state. A person who is in a high state of arousal experience less judgments on ridiculous notions. Although anal sex is not an entirely ridiculous act, it still wouldn’t hurt to be safe. Get your girl really wet with desires.

Keep in mind that the hornier she is, the more likely she will agree with it. Don’t take advantage of it though. Create the space of comfort and match it with lust in the most effective way you can muster it.

2. Take the spoon to a different whole

The spoon position is the best stance to initiate anal penetration as she is laying on her side with her back bared to you. This position is very much comfortable for the both of you. Her weight is supported by the bed and her muscles are virtually relaxed. Fortunately for you, this position also gives you the open butt access that you so urgently require.

Begin by plunging your hardness into her wetness to bring her in a state of ecstasy. You have the ultimate access to three of the most erogenous part of her body: neck, breasts and clitoris. Get your mouth and your hands busy by stimulating all three parts of her. Then, virtually ease your pulsating manhood out of her pussy and rub it against her second hole.

3. Brace yourself for the tightness

Condoms are not usually your favorite kind of protection, but it will be your best friend in anal sex, along with a lubricant. It makes anal sex better because the smoothness gives better response to the lubrication compared to the skin. Gliding your cock inwards her will be easier and more comfortable. Plus, it will prevent you from erupting too soon!

 If you wish to experience a mind blowing anal sex, browse in the gallery of Adelaide Escorts for courtesans who posses remarkable sexual prowess as that of a goddess!

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