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Intermediate Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life

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Looking to make your sex life better? At some point in time, sex can reach a standstill and you are left there with boring scheduled sex. It’s at this point in time where temptations are at an all-time high. What to do? Start by looking at new ways to zest up the sex.

Here are some sex positions you need to try to jush up your sad sex life. But if you’re keen, better practice it with Adelaide escorts first to make sure you won’t fail.

The Ottoman Empire

For this sex position to properly transpire, you’ll need to have an ottoman with sturdy edges and a pretty well-trained core. The man lies on the chair supporting all of his back. His legs should be planted firmly on the floor. The woman then straddles him either on the front or back.

To make this position more intense, the man can slide his body further down the ottoman until only half of his back is supported by it. This way, he can readily thrust into her for a more angular penetration. This position is also perfect for performing fellatio and cunnilingus. She can start by sucking you off in this position or she can straddle you while you go to town on her clitoris.

The Pole

To say this is a fairly challenging position is a bit of understatement. Here, the man stands with his hips jutted slightly to accommodate for the lady. The woman climbs the man and wraps her legs while the man supports her on her buttocks. Lift her up and down. This way, her clitoris rubs with your pubic bone. The best way to start this position is when you’re coming from the chair position.

Cowgirl, But Cradled

This position is perfect for mutual ejaculation. Giving your girl a good time is imperative when it comes to mind-blowing sex and this position is a nudge in the right direction. Instead of doing the traditional cowgirl, have her lay forward until you’re face-to-face with each other. Cradle her face in your neck, then start thrusting. You can do it both ways or simultaneously.

Cradled cowgirl is perfect for that deep penetration – a move which you can rely on to cap off scheduled sex. To make this more enjoyable for her, practice with the lovely Adelaide escorts first.

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