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Lifestyle Habits That Can Significantly Wreck Your Sexual Prowess

Adelaide EscortsOne of the hallmarks of a happy and healthy life is having an active and sexually-satisfying sex life. But while we truly value the nightly or weekly bedroom romps, what’s sad is that the food we eat, or the activities we do outside, have a direct effect on our sexual performance. Here’s a peek at few of the many bad lifestyle habits that can significantly reduce your sexual prowess.

Eating Too Much Salty Food And Canned Goods

If you want to continue having great sex with your partner, or favourite Adelaide Escorts, refrain from buying canned food now. Remember that such products contain excessive amounts of salt, and inside almost every can is a lining that contains BPA.

BPA is actually a chemical that’s believed to cause erectile dysfunction and ejaculations problems, especially to guys who are constantly exposed to it. Canned foods are also notoriously high in trans fats, which are bad for the arteries and the heart.

Smart Phone/Mobile Addiction

Whether you admit it or not, many of us just can’t live without our mobile devices or smartphones. It’s because we just love to keep in touch with our friends or family, or we just love keeping tabs on the weather, the daily news, or the sports and social network feeds.

What’s sad is that these high-tech gadgets are now creeping into the bedroom,  even during the times when they shouldn’t be there. Couples should keep in mind that the only thing that should be vibrating near, or on your bed, is a sex toy, and not the mobile phone or device. Perhaps, it would be better if you put all your gadgets in the living room, leave out the emails and apps, and focus on each other instead.

Excess Drugs And Alcohol Intake

If you love heading to the bar after work, and you drink more than two bottles of beer (or three shots of whisky), remember that these can restrict blood flow to the penis. This disrupts the production of testosterone, an important male hormone.

Excessive alcohol intake, as well as the use of illicit drugs, can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Cocaine, marijuana, heroin and other illegal substances can also damage blood vessels and restrict blood flow to the penis. Long-term drug use can further lead to impotence.

The wrong use of prescription, as well as over-the-counter medicines can also wreck your sexual prowess. Among the notorious offenders include antidepressants, antibiotics, blood pressure medications, anticonvulsants, and more.

Poor Nutrition

If you like eating junk food, sodas and other unhealthy fast-food fare, then, be ready to see a very large dip in your sexual energies, according to the American Urological Association. Poor nutrition leads to high cholesterol, especially in men. It damages the walls of the blood vessels through blockage, narrowing and hardening.

The respectable association also notes that erectile dysfunction cases are more prevalent in men who are overweight. Being such puts them at greater risks of dying from heart and vascular disease. So, if you’d still want to enjoy sex with your spouse or lovely Adelaide Escorts, then, perhaps you should live a healthy life. Steer clear of these nasty lifestyle habits.

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