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Steamy Beginner Sex Toys that you could use with Adelaide Escorts

Sexy Escort Girl in AdelaideHiring a Adelaide escort is a great opportunity to explore your limits in sex and pleasure. If you are quite the enthusiast and want a different experience, then we suggest you should try a sensual sex toy play with these girls. There are different toys that are available for purchase at your local sex shops that you can experiment with.

While it may sound scary for some but if you do it with the right toy and with the right woman, it can result to fun, erotic pleasure and satisfaction for you and your partner. If it’s your first time to use toys or you feel awkward using them, don’t worry, you don’t

have to deal with the hardcore stuff (yet), you can start with basic stuff like the following toys:


The best thing about vibes is that both men and women can use this. Small frequency vibrations create that “tingly” sensation for men and women. It can be used to stimulate the clit or your shaft directly. It is also a common sex toy that is available in almost all sex shops in South Australia. It also comes in with different shapes and sizes plus different features.


Its common courtesy to prioritize your woman in bed first before you and a long and naughty dildo is perfect for your experience. A dildo is a phallus-shaped sex toy which is commonly made of silicone and other materials. Avoid purchasing rubber dildos because they cause irritation to genitals. On a naughtier side, if you feel a little bit experimental, you can ask your Adelaide escort to use it on you; after all, one of the main sex spots for men is around the anus because of the number of nerve endings surrounding the area.

Vibrating dildos

Sexy Adelaide Escort Girl with Dildo

The combination of a vibrator and a dildo is an epic sex toy that the both of you would love. Make your partner scream from pleasure from this love machine with a combination of thrust, penetration and vibration. Like a vibrator, you can also use it to stimulate your shaft, balls and rim your anus to spice things up! Like most of the list, there are available vibrating dildos that come in with different designs and naughtier features for couples.

Butt plugs

If your woman loves going back door or a little bit curious yourself, then you should have butt plugs in your arsenal of naughty toys. You can purchase these toys by the set ranging from small to large butt plugs depending on your mood. You can also choose butt plugs with different designs and there are even jeweled ones if you like. One purpose of a butt plug is to prepare and stretch your anus for some backdoor action. If this is your first time to try anal, start small and work your way up.

You can drop by your local sex shop which can give you a better view of what these sex toys are and how they could enhance your sensual experience with an Adelaide escort. If you are looking for a naughty companion that would help make your fantasies come true, visit our gallery to view a wide range of Adelaide escorts available.


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