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The Dividends, & Downsides, of “Mutual” Oral : Adelaide Escorts Secret

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Among the different sexual positions, the “69” or “mutual oral” position could either be the most fancied, or the most despised, technique. Also known by its French term “soixante-neuf”, the 69 is group of sexual positions wherein two people align themselves so that each individual’s mouth is near, or in front, of the other’s organs, and the two perform oral sex at the same time.  Here’s a brief but interesting look at the dividends, and downsides of the 69.

What Are The Different Variations of The 69?

The 69 or mutual oral position can be done by male and female couples, as well as by all-female and all-male couples. The first variation is called the man-on-top (regardless of whether he’s on top of his spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend or favorite Adelaide escorts).


In the man-on-top position, the guy will have more control, and more access to the woman too. The woman can also venture around, although she’d feel better if propped up with a pillow. The problem with the man-on-top 69 position is that there’s a risk of the girl being suffocated (especially if the guy loses control).  The woman will also have a tough time putting the guy’s shaft out. Thus, once it’s inside her mouth, the guy could choose to keep it in there for much longer.


For the woman-on-top variant, the guy should do his best to penetrate every hole, and then reach the clitoris at a later stage. The guy could also utilize his fingers to penetrate and explore, thereby enhancing the woman’s pleasure.  The women can also double the guy’s pleasure by doing old-time hip movements.


The downside of the woman-on-top 69 position is that there will be a strong chance that the woman may get a bit too heavy, during which circulation could be disrupted or cut-off. The woman would also need to prop herself up on her elbows or hands, and thus get tired easily.


Regardless of which variation is preferred by couples, each one should remember that the 69 or mutual oral is just a position for foreplay, and should not be viewed as the final act. It should rather be considered as the “comedian” or front act, to the main act or performance. The other variations of the 69 include “double rimming” or mutual anilingus, and the digital penetration of the partner’s vagina or anus.


The Pleasure Points of The 69

The 69 is basically done to enhance two-way pleasure. This means that each individual will have easy access to their partner’s most sensitive body part, whether they’re using their lips, tongue and hands or finger. What’s important is that the vagina, clitoris and penis are stimulated at the same time, to deliver intense, shared pleasure.

When carried out as part of foreplay, the mutual oral or 69 is the idea method or position for enhancing arousal and pleasure. However, some individuals do not like doing it, because the act of concentrating (or focusing) on the other individual’s pleasure can deter, or prevent them from enjoying their own sensations.

But like any other position, the 69 requires a little fine-tuning (and perhaps some practice) so that the guy can further please himself and his partner, spouse or chosen Adelaide escorts.

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