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The Key To Marital Satisfaction Is Not Even Related To Sex, Study Reveals

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Sometimes, no matter how much you spend time and effort just to make your marriage happy, it just doesn’t work. Of course, couples don’t just leave it at that. To boost marital satisfaction, the frequency and quality of sexual contact plays a very crucial role.

However, experts say that many other important factors contribute to maintaining the fire of romance, for instance, positivity. So, don’t feel hopeless yet. Anyway, if you still got no spouse, the hot Adelaide Escorts are always there to help you rekindle the waning sexual flame.

Ow To Put The Spark Back To Your Marriage

Did you know there’s a very simple trick you can do to regain the spark in your marriage? Pictures of cute animals! How can that be? Research has proven that simply looking at pictures of cute puppies and bunnies may help increase marital satisfaction, according to experts.

Based on a research done in the past, even if the married couples maintain their everyday attitudes, marital bliss can still diminish over time. On this premise, researchers thought that a decreasing satisfaction in marriage maybe due to increasing negative thoughts about a spouse instead of a negative behaviour.

Now, they see this case as something that can be resolved. A person can be able to change his behaviour by sort of ‘deceiving’ his brain into associating it with positive images or words. The proper technical term for this is known as ‘evaluative conditioning’.

To determine whether or not evaluative conditioning can be applied in order to increase satisfaction in marriage, a study involving 144 couples, 40 years of age or below, was conducted. They have been married not more than five years.

How The Study Went

In the study, each respondent was instructed to view a series of pictures once in every three days for a total of six weeks. With the experimental group, a picture of their partner was paired with positive stimuli just like pictures of bunnies, puppies or the word ’wonderful’. On the other hand, the control group had the spouse’s picture paired with neutral stimuli of images or words, for instance, picture of a button.

In the entire duration of the study, the research team continued testing each spouse’s attitudes towards one another. They soon learned that the positive puppy images were having an effect on them. Members of the experimental group exhibited more positive automatic responses towards their mates, which added to a greater satisfaction in marriage.

As per the study lead author, James K. McNulty, Ph.D., of Florida State University in Tallahassee, he was surprised to see that the technique actually worked and was struck at the idea that this simple thing which is not even related to marriage could affect how the couples feel about their marital union.

Nonetheless, this entire exercise should not be misconstrued as a fix to all marital problems. Instead, these findings suggest that couples who take part in positive activities together, such as engaging in a hobby or going on a trip, could help them generate positive feelings for each other.

Well, before you decide to get hitched, remember the findings from this study. You might want to experiment the technique with any of the fabulous Adelaide Escorts. Go ahead dude!

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