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Tongue Tricks You Need in the Bedroom

Many blokes pride themselves on knowing their way around the bedroom and pleasing a gal. Whether you have a long-term relationship with someone, or you browse online for, say, Adelaide escorts, there’s no denying that you have learned a few things.

A girl dressed as a bunny studio shootingHowever, there are certain moves that all men need to learn how to do, if they want to please their women in bed (and even outside the house). Here are a few of them.

*Talk dirty to her. Of all the erogenous zones, the brain is the largest; women, especially, can be really turned on when you add dirty talk to your sexual repertoire. It doesn’t have to be really raunchy, either, as long as what you say tells her you want her, bad.

*Ask what she likes. There’s nothing quite like an ego boost, thanks to feedback or tips your partner can give you. Asking her how she likes it shows that you’re thinking of her pleasure, not just your own, and it can lead to you both becoming more comfortable with each other.

*Start with a warm-up. You should know how to use different pressures on the different parts of the female anatomy, especially down there. Don’t just jump right to licking at her clit; instead, tease her lower lips using both light kisses and licking. Practice making your tongue flat, then making it come to a point, and alternate, depending on where you lick.

*Show the whole clit some love. The part of the clit you see – a little button-like thing above her labia – isn’t the only thing you can use to get her hot and horny. The clit actually has ‘legs’ that extend behind the labia in a kind of wishbone shape. So kiss those parts, build it up using more and more pressure.

*Rimming. More and more women are finding that they can get turned on by anal play, so knowing how to give a rim job is important. Bite, lick, and suck around the opening of the butthole – not the hole itself! – then trace around the opening with your tongue. Then, still with your tongue, trace up her crack, ending at her lower back.

*Tease her breasts. Start where her boob meets her ribcage, alternating between kissing and licking. The longer you stay away from her nipples, the more she’ll be begging you to just take it in your mouth. When you finally do, she may just have a nipplegasm. If not, she may be turned on enough to jump into the main event.

That said, your tongue is a pretty versatile tool when it comes to sex, experts say. Practice using it with a partner, or browse online for Adelaide escorts, and you can look forward to great sex.

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